Own a Service Fleet?

Reduce Risk, Save Money.

Instantly monitor your vehicles' position, detect errors before employees tell you,
and receive timely alerts with Wehicle.


Perfect for Landscapers, Electricians, and Plumbers!

Set Up In Minutes

Wehicle's device plugs in below your steering wheel in seconds, no tools required! We support nearly every car made since '96!

Launch App

Launch the Wehicle app for Android or iOS, and start getting immediate, valuable insights into your company vehicles, and the habits of each driver.

Learn - No Commitments!

Reports and Alerts take your bundled driving data and make it useful to you. Answer simple questions around locations, times, and safety.

No long-term contracts!

Connect Multiple Cars
to Your App

Wehicle connects all your company's vehicles directly to your phone; you don’t even have to be driving to be connected!

Wehicle's device plugs right into your car’s on-board diagnostic port (OBDII), underneath your steering wheel. It takes seconds to install, and doesn't require any tools. Every few minutes you'll receive updates on the app on your phone, even if you're miles away.
If the device is unplugged, or changes cars, you'll known within minutes!

Teach Better Driving

"Has my employee been breaking the speed limit frequently?"

Does your employee have a heavy foot? Let Wehicle tell you when they’re speeding, so you can encourage safe driving

Reduce Your Bottom Line
With Better Maintenance

"Why is my check engine light on?"

When your check engine light comes on, Wehicle will let you know what the problem is right away, saving you $.
Wehicle helps catch those small mechanical errors before they become safety hazards and turn into high-cost repairs.